DJ Robbie Love has been in the nightclub circuit for over 20 years. He's spun it all from the Disco Classics of yesterday to today's hottest and latest dance tracks. Here's just a sample of of some of the venues in which he's worked:

  Le Parc - Canarsie, Brooklyn
Club Jay - East Flatbush, Brooklyn
Players - Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
Rumors - Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
The Flipside - Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
TJ Bentleys - Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
Circles by the Sea - Staten Island
Hedges - Staten Island
Oasis - Staten Island
Danceateria - The Hamptons
Weekend at Bernie's - Bethpage
Montego Bay - Island Park
PollyEsthers - Levittown
Spandex - Levittown
PollyEsthers - NYC
Chelsea Street - East Meadow
Savannah - East Meadow
Paddy McGee's - Island Park
Minnesota's - Long Beach
Bridgeview - Island Park
Post Office Cafe - Babylon
Maxwells - Islip
Scarlets - Staten Island
Aura - East Meadow

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